Introduction to Relational Gestalt Practice
Graubünden, Switzerland

All people have an innate ability to move toward healthy, satisfying relationships. Old patterns of behavior and fixed ideas formed in early relationships may block communication and contact. The Gestalt approach aims to increase awareness of these patterns by providing new, healthy relational experiences in the group context; to support energy, aliveness and contact.

Working in this way involves the awareness of body, breath, sensation, mood, emotions, thoughts, memories, and images. In group, I intend to provide a safe setting for participants to develop awareness and self-responsibility, and practice creating relationships that are supportive and enlivening. Group time will include a mixture of teaching and experiential practice. This workshop will be taught in English and German.

Dates: June 9-11, 2017

Cost: 630 CHF (includes shared room and board)

Contact to enroll. Numbers are limited.