Remembering Eric Erickson


August 19th is my birthday. And this year, marked the one year anniversary of Eric Erickson’s death. Eric and I were students of Esalen co-founder, Dick Price, and together we taught the work that we had learned from him. We spent years teaching together and separately, learning from each others’ different styles. He had a gift for putting the theory in simple and eloquent terms that helped people connect their thinking mind to their feeling core. He used to say that the best part of him came forward when he was working with someone on the seat and I so enjoyed seeing him in his element. I’d imagined that we would go on working together and his absence at Esalen impacted me profoundly. I am grateful for what I’ve learned from him and will continue to use it in my own work for years to come.

Thank you to Nieves Morlan Ortiz and Nicole Nelch for capturing on video some of his thoughts about the work.


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  1. Thank you, Dorothy. I lost sight of the anniversary, and appreciate being brought back into contact with the impact of Eric’s loss. Loved open seats with him, including some memorable dream work.

  2. Hi Dorothy. Thank you so much for posting this acknowledgement of Eric. I just found out that both he and now David Schiffman died. It’s like I just got over the surprise of Seymour dying only to hear about two other men who were so supportive of me when I spent 4 months at Esalen in ’89 after my mom died and through the years as I’ve visited. Would it be possible to share with me what caused each of their deaths? It seems like so many men who’ve been at Esalen for years are dying at relatively early ages. So sad.
    Thank you.
    Karen Roekard
    Berkeley, ca.

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