The Power of Vulnerability


Below is a video of Brene Brown giving a presentation at Ted Talks, discussing shame and vulnerability, as only she can. I hope its useful to you.

I admire Brene a great deal.  She has very simple and compelling ways of talking about both shame and vulnerability.  Exploring these emotions is central to healing and developing a sense of belonging.   In a Gestalt group of kind and helpful people, our most shameful experiences, can be held with love and compassion which can lead to growth and healing. The compassion and understanding of one person is healing; that compassion multiplied by the number of group members is much greater than the sum of the parts.

The issue of shame comes up so often in  group.  We all have it, its hard to tolerate the feeling, and finding safe places to express and explore it is not easy.  Brene Brown’s work on shame has had a powerful effect on how I’ve come to work with, and discuss this often debilitating emotion.

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