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Ok – so I’ve been told I need to be more “techy.” For those of you who know me well, you know this is a bit of a tall order. I love my gadgets as much as the next person, and yes, maybe I don’t always know the shortcuts and secrets or remember to charge them everyday; maybe it’s a challenge to read that tiny text without grabbing my reading glasses or asking the person next to me the dreaded question, “can you read this?”

That said, I’m taking the big step of committing to blog more regularly so I can keep in contact with those I’ve sat with and those who I might sit with in the future.  I might check-in by blog, or tell you about some new developments in the gestalt community in Aptos and beyond. I might write short articles from time to time responding to things online and in current events that have grabbed my attention.  I might write didactically about a topic that’s been coming up frequently in my work, comment on lessons I’ve learned recently, or talk about a person whose work inspires me. Whatever the subject matter, my hope is to connect with you on a more regular basis, keep you up to date on what I’m working on and what’s currently sparking my interest, and give you a little gestalt infusion here and there should you be craving it between groups.

If there’s a topic that you’ve been curious about or have been encountering in your life more regularly, feel free to message me or comment on a future post and I will try to address it in an upcoming entry.  If you have a response to something I’ve written about, feel free to comment and begin a dialogue with me or with others who might be interested in discussing the topic. Our discussions don’t have to end when the circle closes – that’s the beauty of the internet, right? I’m learning…Image

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  1. Love You Dorothy and Sending Big Bear Brother Heart Hugs and Lots of Rainbow Magic.Bros.St.Thomas SpreadingEagle.

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