Dorothy Charles has been a Gestalt practitioner since 1985 working at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California where she has led workshops and training groups. Dorothy received her training at Esalen with Richard and Christine Price, and at the Pacific Gestalt Institute in Los Angeles, California with Lynne Jacobs and Gary Yontef.

Dorothy’s approach to Gestalt practice continues to evolve, and she emphasizes supporting aliveness and authenticity and focuses on contemporary relational perspectives in Gestalt including the nuances of emotional process, enduring relational themes, and the use of experiments in Gestalt relational process.Asome

In addition to her workshops and trainings in Aptos, CA and at Esalen, Dorothy Charles also teaches in China, Taiwan, Greece, Spain, and Japan.

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  1. Hi this is Share from Esalen. Would love to connect with you in Santa Cruz. I heard you were doing open seats in Aptos, down the street from where I live. Please keep me informed. I would deeply enjoy attending! Many blessings!